DexBet rules

DexBet will select specific sports contests for their users to bet on. Each of them will be part of the Program and contain specific prizes.

The prizes will be set in advance of the contest (i.e. match) and / or sporting events that serve as the basis for the Program, by determining a weighting point. Such weighing point which will be called a dividend. The initial dividends offered for each sporting event will be published in the Program that will contain both the competition calendar and the modalities of the different sporting events offered to the bettor. The aforementioned dividends may be adjusted and said modifications will only apply to bets captured after the decision to change the dividend in question, as recorded by the computer system for capturing bets. Bets that had been already placed will remain unchanged.

If a match or sporting event is suspended but is restarted and ends within 48 hours after the end of the validity of the respective Program (original schedule), then the valid result for the purpose of determining the winning bets will be the result with which the match ends in their regular time, including the subsequent restart.

If the referee terminates a match before the end of regulation time, then the valid result for the purpose of determining the winning bets will be the result that the judge and / or referee and / or sports commissioner records in his competition report and / or event in question.

Any modification that is subsequently verified of the results as they have been defined above will not be considered, regardless of the authority that orders it, including the judicial one.

The right to collect the prizes will expire after 30 days from the day of the last event or match completed in the respective program. The prize can only be claimed by and will be deposited to the virtual wallet that placed the bet.

The participation of the bettor in the contest is formalized by paying the price of the contest bet and implies its adherence to this rules, terms and any other procedures that are established and applicable to every contest of specifically the one for which the bet is being placed, being inadmissible any request or claim founded on ignorance or ignorance of these rules and any other applicable provision.

The bettor who makes his plays in the game of sports predictions, expressly authorizes to publicly publicize its winning and subsequent delivery of the prize it obtains, for promotional purposes and to ensure the transparency of the contests to all the players.

The final result will be considered the result produced at the end of the regulation time of the match or sports event, without considering for its definition possible overtime or the result achieved after following the penalty shootout procedure. In case of cancellation, suspension or postponement of a football match and / or sporting event for more than 48 hours, the bet will be refunded.

There is no minimum bet, nor is there a maximum bet, unless expressly states for a specific program or unilaterally determined by Dex Bet.

The bet that has not entered the registration process in time and form (1 hour before the start of any sporting event), control and validation will not participate in the contest, or those bets that have been placed but rejected, will be considered invalid, being Dex Brt exempted from liability. Invalid bets will give the right to a refund of the amount paid less any costs caused to Dex Bet.

Any modification of a bet made in the betting bot will be considered void, and the bet will be lost, without the possibility of claiming the bet money. If a message to the bot is edited, then the bet will be deemed invalid and, in this case, no refund will be made by Dex Bet.

The prize for the bets will be paid only to the wallet that placed the bet. Under no circumstances will the payment of a prize will be made to a different wallet than the one who placed the bet.