Dex Bet is the first decentralized platform focused on sports betting. Having the best prizes and dividends on the market.

Initially operating on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, but with intention to expand to the rest of the blockchain networks, Dex Bet is seeking to be number 1 in sports betting.


Dex Bet mission is simple: to be the number 1 in sports betting industry. We aim to achieve this by providing bettors/users with complete anonymity and facilitating the developing a payment system for the bets in different currencies and blockchain networks. Dex Bet is also going to provide users with various benefits, such as the best dividends in the market.

How can I use Dex Bet?

We currently have a fully functional system, which works through a personalized Telegram Bot enabling our users to place the bets and then claim their prizes (if applicable). On the near future, Dex Bet is planning to create the platform completely decentralized by developing a Smart Contract, without human intervention. The user can look at the different programs available at any given moment in our website and then place their bet through our Telegram Bot.

For more information about how to place bets, please follow the section “How to bet” on our webpage.

Currencies Accepted

In its earliest stage, Dex Bet will be only accepting stable coins, so that players' bets are not affected by any market situation. That is why, at this stage Dex Bet is only accepting BUSD and USDT from the BEP-20 networks. But, as part of its roadmap, Dex Bet plans to offer an integral service including payment with $DBET, as soon as the Token is seeded with liquidity. This which will be the only one accepted on our platform.

Our way

Road Map

Q1 2021

• Founding team assembled and commenced development

Q2 2021

• Accept and pay bets successfully through our telegram bot

• BSC Testnet began

Q3 2021

• Create community and strengthen identity
• Create Dex Bet ($DBET) token
• Private Presale of Dex Bet

Q4 2021

• Airdrop.
• Public Presale of Dex Bet
• Public launch of Dex Bet on the main DEX
• Partnerships and Marketing Strategies
• Smart Contract Audit with (CERTIK AND/OR HACKEN)
• Listing on Coingecko And Coinmarketcap
• Listing on other exchanges

Q1 2022

• Launch of Dex Bet Platform V1 (fully decentralized)
• NFT Marketplace
• $DBET pool launch
• Multi-chain deployment

This is a floating Roadmap, we must be agile and responsive to industry, technological and community needs. In fact, many of our existing and future features are community requests. So please do understand that this roadmap, especially for items outside of imminent release, is subject to change.

Our data

Token Distribution

At Dex Bet we are going to launch our $DBET coin, which will be the only one accepted on all blockchain platforms and networks for placing bets. In this sense, all future bets on the platform will have to be made with $DBET. Besides of enabling players to play their bets, holders will be able to stake their $DBET in our pools, and earn rewards! All users will be able to exchange their $DBET for any other currency in the main exchanges. $DBET ICO will be for the most important DEX, but planning to get listed in main CEXes in the near future.

$DBET Token address: 0xea5fefff6e88ed5b3deab625d2818cca0347e90d

  • 40% (392 million) will be allocated for the first round of public presale and add liquidity in the main DEX.

  • 10% (98 million) will be allocated for the Private pre-sale.

  • 10% (98 million) will be allocated for marketing promotion to grow the Dex Bet community.

  • 5% (49 million) will be given to the founding team. It will be locked for 2 years and will be released every quarter.
  • 10% (98 million) will be used as liquidity on the CEX.
  • 15% (147 million) will be used for the rewards of the users in the different pools.
  • 10% (98 million) will be burnt forever.
  • Name: Dex Bet Token
  • Type: BEP20
  • Symbol: DBET
  • Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Total Supply: 980,000,000
General description

DexBet will be released on the basis of Binance Smart Chain platform and fully comply with BEP20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.